Helfy Canada – consulting engineering

Industrial hygiene & work conditions

Regulation audits
A clear step for a company that wants with comply to regulation.

We propose a global assessment of your installations according to current applicable regulation in hygiene, health & safety :

- A tour of your installations;
- Become aware of the installations and work procedures
- Meeting with environment, health & safety coordinator (manager/HR/person in charge of technical aspect, training, production...).
- Interview and analysis of the whole management concerning equipment and regulation obligations.
- Analysis of collected documents
- Audit report – reports on positive aspects and improper situations as well as on possible improvements that can be made.
- Action plan and gradation of the progress axes.
- Ergonomic & workplace planning
Industrial Hygiene

Analyze working environments 

Control of various contaminants (chemical, physical or biological)

- Lead
- Asbestos
- Silica
- Formaldehyde
- Beryllium
- Various solvents

Control of Air Quality

Molds; Water infiltration


Ventilation Systems Inspection
How can we adopt a Health & safety behavior?
From the desire to the joy of changing... Evaluate your corporate culture.

Highlight what hold the changing

Analyze your workstations, especially those with heavy handling

Bring to you methods of changing that are adapt to your structure, ambitions and issues:

- Manager seminar
- Teamwork
- Anticipating the health impacts of your staff, including MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorders)
- Interactive games
- Learning CD-ROM

Create communications tools and moreover lean on the strong practices of the company that will not change to make each employee wanting to go forward!