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Manage your risks, for a sustainable enterprise

Our ambition : 

To establish health & safety as a culture at the heart of your business strategies.


Our position :

To be side by side with CEO and senior manager of large business and SME.

To react fast, creatively with commitment to deliver the best answers according to your legal obligations, expectations and needs.


Our objectives :

To be assured that our expertise has been acquired by our clients.

That our products and services evolves with the needs of our clients, who are experts of their own expectations.


Our methods :

Rigor, efficiency and pragmatism with clear, achievable and above all economically viable objectives.

"Get off the beaten track" to discuss with you and your collaborators these themes.


Helfy trains your staff to risk prevention, health & safety, environment and related topics.
Your workers will work with asbestos or vermiculite? The Occupational Heath & Safety regulations require you to train them on these specifics risks.
Health and safety committee, transportation of dangerous goods, WHMIS, harness wearing, scaffolding, Height working, ...
Architects, engineers, real estate brokers...to respond to regulations imperatives that continuously expand, we propose trainings that are adapted to your profession.


How to transform an environmental constraint into an opportunity ?
Strategic approach based on the anticipation of your futures needs at the beginning of the project and pursuing them all of the site life while evaluating its current needs.
HELFY accompany you in the evaluation of disturbance with monitoring methods to evaluate your exposure to noise. We will Identify for you the most effective mitigation approach that will attenuated environmental noise effects to restore your quality of life.
The fast evolution of the regulation, the rising of the treatment costs and ecologic mobilisation of the population require a better residual waste management.
Integrate the residual waste management, your consumer reports...and your travel and commuting policy in an integrated management system ! We propose our services to help you incorporating the environmental problematic in a management system.
Helfy helps you to be recognized as an organization that complies with applicable laws, regulations, standards and codes.
For the protection of the environment, various rules must be observed regarding the management of hazardous materials. Helfy helps you to keep a register and produce an annual report on the management of hazardous materials.

Health & Safety

We propose to be at your side to address the major issues and to transform this obligation/constraint into a true productive tool.
In regards of Occupational Health & Safety, to manage the risk is to live in the event that a future event causes a prejudice whose stakes can be multiple: economic, human, penal, moral ...
Few employers do not feel concerned about Health & Safety issues, but many consider only the "tip of the iceberg". We suggest to help you make Health & Safety an integral part of your business strategy.
The Occupational Health and Safety Act requires employers to elaborate and update a document which main objective is to eliminate at the source the hazards for health, safety and physic integrity of workers. We propose to transform this constraint into a true opportunity.
Evaluate your company's working conditions and health & safety behaviors, improve the ergonomics of workstations ... to improve productivity.
Do you pack, bundle, charge-transport, discharge dangerous goods? You must follow the transportation of dangerous substances regulation. Outsource your health & safety coordinator for the transportation of dangerous goods.

Demolition - Pollution cleanup - Asbestos removal

To understand your needs, HELFY has develop services that respect regulations and are adapted to your corporate culture
Characterization of materials
We will elaborate a Register for the safe management of asbestos
We’ve got technical experts highly qualified at the forefront of regulation to help you evaluate your needs.
In order to have representative results, the sampling strategy must be thoroughly elaborated, realistic and adapted to the objective sought.
You plan to demolish a building or to renovate it, or plan other works that need the prior asbestos removal? Helfy can help you elaborate a prevention program and oversee de construction site.

Communication Games

A clever approach to risk prevention
These board games are indispensable tools to make people aware of health & safety and environment and to change their daily behavior.
A pleasing manner for employees to understand the scope of small ecological gesture and to appropriating them.

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