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prevention program

Evaluation for evolution

The Occupational Health and Safety Act requires employers to elaborate and update a document which main objective is to eliminate at the source the hazards for health, safety and physic integrity of workers. We propose to transform this constraint into a true opportunity.

Quite simply :

- Evaluate work process and tasks and define risk phases
- Identify painfulness factors
- Integrated the evaluation of chemicals risks and exposition cards
- Grade the risks
- Elaborate an action plan.

Thanks to teamwork, company practices will evolve accordingly, smoothly.
Workplace card : a productive tool that can be use to promote health & safety
How to fulfill our health & safety obligations and optimize production? 
Employers are legally force to form his employees at their workplace.

We propose to be at your side to address the major issues and to transform this obligation/constraint into a true productive tool.

- Answer questions that are brought by your actual or future organization: Must we elaborate separate workplace cards for health & safety topics or can we integrate this information on a general workplace card? How to write a simple and understandable operation method for all the operators?

- Use reports of risk evaluation at workplace (real task to realize, ad hoc protective measure, ...)

- Pragmatic transcription of simple and readable data.

- Elaborate simple and effective communications tools: ‘’If we want health & safety rules to be applied, we must talk about it!’’

- Sensitize every operators – Exemplary are a major assets of success.