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Environmental Noise

Noise is typically defined as an undesirable sound.
Source of irritation, communication interferences, or disrupt sleep and concentration, noise is an environmental contaminant. Environment Quality Act specifies that a contaminant must be prohibited if it is likely to alter quality of life, health, safety, wellness or human comfort. 

There is no provincial regulation on the exposure to noise. The regulation is established by municipal legislators. In order to help civilians and municipal authorities in the diagnosis and remedies of undesirable environmental noise, HELFY proposes to :

- Visit where the exposure takes place and identify noise sources 

- Realize various noise samples to characterize the exposure. 

- Encounter and interview with people that are affected by environmental noises     

- Analyse Regulation, standards and scientific literature  concerning the noise sources and find elimination or mitigation solutions     

- Identify the most efficient mitigation methods to reduce noises to tolerated levels