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Asbetos diagnosis

Asbestos removal
For material repair, encapsulation, confinement of asbestos and asbestos removal :

Call HELFY, third part to:

- Locate asbestos materials (visual inspection/research/sample) according to asbestos management guidelines and regulations.
- Anticipate the cost of asbestos removal work.
- Control the construction site time delay.
- Protect workers and environment.

We can assist you in the surveillance of asbestos removal construction site – See our assistance to project manager
A Register on the safe management of asbestos
Compliance with regulations

- Spotting materials and products that contain asbestos – flocking and thermal insulation
- Spotting materials and products that are susceptible of containing asbestos
- Write reports and the registers

 Analyze and manage risk appropriately

- Protect the occupants
- Protect the operators in charge of maintenance
- Protects employees who remove/confine asbestos   

Avoid multiple diagnosis

- Spotting materials and products that contain asbestos before asbestos removal
- Update the register

Make these documents available

- Summary sheet
- Simplified cartography
- Updated grill