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senior manager coaching

Senior manager accompaniment
All industries are at risk, how to better manage them?

Invent, create, manufacture, commercialize: every human action has its risks. Today, manager that must take important decision has an error margin that is narrower year after year. In health & safety, risk management  means to live in the possibility of a major accident with multiple consequences : financial, human, penal, moral...

We provide assistance to answer questions like :

- Should we just respect the norms and/or be of good faith?
- Should I or not start dialogue with control authority?
- How can I answer a request addressed by the CNESST?
- How to facilitate dialogue with unions?
- What will my enterprise gain if I better manage the risks?
- How can I do to transform a complex and boring management into a source of immaterial value for my enterprise?

Global prevention thinking

- Review of organization and processes.
- Staff awareness and training: risk prevention often falls within the domain of behavior.
- Attend meetings of health and safety committee to improve the effectiveness of the committee.
- Establishment of a prevention program.
- Legal assistance when questioning responsibilities. 
- Optimization of your contribution rate (analysis, recourse ...).
Crisis management
Masters your activity risks and be able to face major accident! 
HELFY support you in prevention and management of risk:

Before crisis
- Risk and accident analysis
- Establishment of an intervention protocol when a major accident occur 

During crisis
- Analysis of civil and lawful responsibilities
- Organize reunions and take decisions
- Intern communication
- External communication (press, authorities...)
- Take a crisis log. 

After crisis
- Choose a method and conduct a cause analysis
- Assist you in your legal procedures (build a case file who will define the possible recourse and consolidate your defence)
- Elaborate an action plan and use the crisis a opportunity of improvement. Formation plan 
Formation plan
A formation plan according to your will and your future development

A mission that can be personalized :

- Evaluate your formation policy and your corporate culture
- Analyze your need in mandatory formations
- Elaborate a formation plan
- Follow the performance of formation sessions
- Organize and plan formation sessions
- Management and following of re-qualification and recycling of your employees
- Train employees to be trainer
- Combine certain formations with other company to decrease costs
Work accident analysis
A good crisis management starts with a good analysis of accidental facts. 
In case of an accident or a near-miss, and/or according to the social climax, the intervention of a third part advisor can be positive or even necessary.

We will bring to you :

- An appropriate analysis considering accident circumstances
- Objective and detailed records of the accident coming from an expert analysis, precise witness interviews with an in-depth knowledge of your manufacture technique or work process.
- Clear conclusions
- A review of the possible legal consequences and actions to take in health & safety management.
- Establish possible solutions according to regulation context to adapt your need to your budget.