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Hazardous waste management

The management of hazardous materials is an important part of preventing accidents and health problems in the workplace.

The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) is an excellent system to achieve this!

WHMIS is a dynamic approach to the management of hazardous materials based on the involvement of all parties involved in the problem of hazardous materials: suppliers, employers and workers.

Within this system, all stakeholders have clear, precise and complementary responsibilities to optimize the protection of workers' health and safety from hazardous materials.

Helfy offers:

- to prepare for your products conformity data sheets
- to update the safety data sheets
- create, check or update the inventory of hazardous materials in your buildings
- train you and your employees in the implementation and maintenance of WHMIS
- In-company training to facilitate the integration of WHMIS within your company.