Helfy Canada – consulting engineering

Environmental Assesment

Conceptual analyses, review on site  : To assess the actual state and surroundings of the site·         

Historical and documentaries studies : documents analysis,  site and neighbourhood history to inventory the sectors that are potentially polluted (by past accident, bad waste management, ...) and to trace the suspected and appropriate pollution markers.

These analysis are combined with a vulnerability study : description of the land (geology, hydrology, ...) and its use (as a vegetable garden, for drinking water, ...). 

All these studies will serve to define the potential vectors and targets of the pollution. After this literature analysis, we made a land investigation, which is based on sampling and analysis of  Ground- Groundwater- Surface water- Gas ...The results analysis will allow us to establish :

* Presence or absence of pollution,

* Its sources and its extent

* Potential vectors and  targets of pollution

* Conclude that the pollution represents or not a potential risk