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Waste management

A society issue …
HELFY will guide you into changing that expense into a profit : to value your waste, find the recycling pathways, put in place a selective sorting and anticipate the requirements of tomorrow ! 

The rising of treatment costs, the new international requirements and ecologic mobilization of the population put the residual waste management as an unavoidable question for compagnies. 

HELFY will help you transform this environmental constraint into an opportunity !
Our support :
HELFY will realize an exhaustive diagnosis of the residual waste (volume, kind, conditioning, existing pathway...)

- Put in place a residual waste action plan
- Help in the classification of residual waste
- Analysis of process and on a residual waste source reduction plan   
- Optimization of internal and external waste flow
- Suitable solutions for a selective classification of wastes
- Assist you in the choice of collect providers : 
* Analysis of suitable valorization and disposal pathways 
* Cost analysis 
* waste treatment equipment proposition (from compactor to paper basket...)
- Raise your workers awareness to residual waste management

This will further secure medium and long term profitability : the residual waste management allow a better cost control, a rising competitiveness and ensure the sustainability of your enterprise.