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Safety standards

Establishing a management system for health & safety – OHSAS 18001, ISO 45 001
Few enterprises have no concern for health & safety topics, but many only see the ‘’the tip of the iceberg’’. 
This will lead someday to a severe accident that no one has predicted and who can be fateful for the company future. 

We propose to assist you to incorporate health & safety at the heart of your company.
Our assistance, centralized on prevention and human aspects, will lead you smoothly to incorporate an health & safety management system in your daily routine and/or to subscribe to a world renowned health & safety management system.

- Establishment of a primary diagnosys
- Elaboration of a ''down to earth'' health & safety policy based and adapted to your corporate culture : development goal/clear indicators.
- Health & safety organization (process, instructions, records)
- Blank audit inspection

ISO 45001 :
This standard will be officially published in December 2017
HELFY will provide you his support in achieving this great certification on Occupational Health and Safety.
Regulation surveillance :
To benefit from decision making tools and to be conform with regulations and management references. 

We propose :

- Regulations audits
- Blank audits
- Sorting out the laws and regulation concerning your activities
- Analysis and synthesis of text or guide
- To create an action plan and grading the preventive/corrective actions

An investment on the human/financial aspects.
A clear vision on positive aspects and on the improvements that should been made.